Since Friday everything has changed there will be no driving test for at least 3 months as it is deemed not safe for examiners to be in close proximity to pupils. We have decided that it would not be fair or ethical to put ourselves and pupils in the position. The country is about to go into lockdown soon anyway so lessons are cancelled until we are told it is safe to carry on. Any lessons already paid for in advance will be honoured as soon as we are able to, sorry for any inconvenience but everybody's health is priority at the moment. I will keep in touch. Stay safe


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Driving tests booked

PLEASE DON’T BOOK ANY TESTS ON THE FOLLOWING DATES (these have already been booked) James 26/2/21 (james knows the risk) Ashley 14/4/21 Lydia 16/4/21 Olivia 22/4/21 Emily 23/4/21 Anna 28/4/21 Pavlos 1

Test booking for after lockdown

Anybody changing test dates let me know the dates ASAP I need to stop duplicate tests. At the moment don’t book 23/3/21 in the morning or 23/4/21 I will update this and send out as other days are take