Driving in strong winds

Top tips for driving in strong wind;

1.Keep both hands on the wheel

2.Be ready for stronger winds and gusts on exposed stretches of road or when passing high-sided vehicles

3.Be ready for sudden gusts when passing tall buildings in urban areas

4.Keep your speed down – strong gusts won’t blow you as far off course

5.Take care and leave extra room around cyclists and motorcyclists. They're particularly vulnerable to sudden gusts and may veer across the road

6.Keep your distance from other vehicles, especially high-sided vehicles and caravans

7.Avoid towing high-sided trailers like caravans or horseboxes if very windy conditions are forecast

8.Twigs or small branches in the road could mean there’s a tree or large branch in the way around the next bend

8.Partially fallen trees can hang above the sweep of your headlights, making them hard to spot

10.Plan your journey carefully, checking weather and traffic bulletins regularly

11.Expect lower speed limits or temporary closures on exposed bridges – especially for towing vehicles – and road closures due to fallen debris or accidents

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