DVSA email this morning

Over 210,000 driving tests were put on hold due to COVID-19.


So far, we've invited over 84,000 people to reschedule. It could take several weeks for you to get your email.

We can’t tell you when you'll get your email - please avoid calling us. Thanks for your patience.

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PLEASE DON’T BOOK ANY TESTS ON THE FOLLOWING DATES (these have already been booked) James 26/2/21 (james knows the risk) Ashley 14/4/21 Lydia 16/4/21 Olivia 22/4/21 Emily 23/4/21 Anna 28/4/21 Pavlos 1

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Anybody changing test dates let me know the dates ASAP I need to stop duplicate tests. At the moment don’t book 23/3/21 in the morning or 23/4/21 I will update this and send out as other days are take