DVSA email today regarding test dates after lockdown

Hi everyone

The dvsa has now told us that as we all already know that lessons can restart on the 12th.

However the surprising news is that driving tests WILL NOT start until Thursday 22nd of April.

This is very frustrating as I have many driving tests between the 12th -22nd April.

If you have a test in between that time IT WONT be going ahead. Give me a message if you have one between then booked and I’ll explain the cancellation driving test procedure and we will get a driving test 22nd April - late April.

If you go online and see a cancellation for dates between the 12th - 22nd April DO NOT book them as they don’t be going ahead. Loads will be popping up but don’t book them. If you receive a text from a cancellation site do not agree to dates between 12th-22nd and always ask me first regardless of date. We want dates for driving tests from 22nd April.

Hope all is well and I’ll see you all from the 12th!


Colin 😊

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