Tuesday update

I am going to send updates out on a Tuesday from now on as the government tends to give their main updates on a Monday evening. I was on a driving instructor Telekom yesterday and there is still no decisions been made although it looks like we will start work about 3 weeks before the dvsa start tests again. If you have a driving test booked please keep checking emails as tests are getting moved almost on a daily basis. All theory tests are now cancelled until 3/7. Hope everyone is still well and looking forward to getting back to lessons. See you all soon

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Anybody changing test dates let me know the dates ASAP I need to stop duplicate tests. At the moment don’t book 23/3/21 in the morning or 23/4/21 I will update this and send out as other days are take

Driving tests

Just a heads up for everyone the earliest test dates available in Upton at the moment is 4th May.